Bmwe Union Agreement

One day, trade unions and the working class will have to stand up and demand sustainable wages and social benefits. This agreement does not. Its members voted to accept it. Now they have to live with it. The UTU has ratified a national rail agreement ratified in force, while the Transport Communications Union, Brotherhood of Railroad signals and various Shopcrafts have entered into preliminary agreements. The Brotherhood of Engineers and Locomotive Workers, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes and the American Train Dispatchers Association did not reach an interim agreement after a presidential emergency department made recommendations for the settlement. I am pleased to inform you that Amtrak and BMWED have signed an interim agreement to resolve our outstanding wage, benefit and work settlement issues. For your evaluation and use, the provisional BMWED-Amtrak agreement is attached. We intend to cooperate with the American Arbitration Association in order to have this agreement in the post office for its agreement or refusal until March 27, 2018. American Arbitration Association will count the ballots 25 days later. The schedule can be changed by one or two days depending on the logistics of the process. While working in the national health sector, BLET has ratified wage agreements with BNSF, CSX and Norfolk Southern for lower wage increases than UTU and other organizations and is in separate wage discussions with Union Pacific.

House of Representatives spokesman John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that if no interim agreement was reached with bLET, BMWE and ATDA before December 6, they would act to avoid a work stoppage. The PRLBC was represented by 16 people made up of BMWED and BRS union officials, our Legal Council, economists and consultants. The Carriers National Conference Committee had already agreed to extend the cooling-off period until at least February, if the three remaining unions that have not yet been agreed to approve it. On 29 November, BLET refused to accept an extension of the cooling-off period. The resolution of the House of Representatives, H.J. 91 and introduced by House Transportation – Infrastructure President John Mica (R-Fla.), would have obtained PEB`s recommendations on BLETs, train distributors and BMWE as a final agreement. «For retail, a strike during the Christmas shopping season could be devastating,» the National Retailers Association said in a letter to Congress.

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