E Bike Rental Agreement

______Bikes are taken care of every day. It is the customer`s responsibility to check the bike in the store before the trip. I authorize Ride Electric (or) renter, the credit card provided for any possible charges in case of damage to the e-bike (s) during my rental period, full work, except in case where I can prove the mistakes of others with evidence and all the information necessary for the refund. In case of theft, I am responsible for the reimbursement of Ride Electric (or) Rental Agent for the original price of the electric bike, plus the cost of all accessories provided at the time of bike rental. I have read this agreement carefully (customer) and I understand its content. I am aware that this is risk management, waiver and exemption from liability, and I sign it voluntarily. Credit reserve and credit card payment only: The tenant understands that tenants must pay the full amount (in exchange for the final account) to the total estimated amount of bicycle rental costs at the prices listed on the site and confirmed by phone and email. ROLL only accepts credit card payments. The tenant authorizes ROLL to debit the tenant`s credit card of all amounts due by the tenant as a result of the rental of bicycles.

This rental of electric bikes, exemption from liability, abandonment of rights, risk-taking and the compensation agreement («Agreement») includes the general conditions of rental of your electric bike. This agreement is between the bicycle rental company («tenant») and roll, LLC («ROLL») and includes the rental of the electric bike and all related equipment and accessories such as tires, lights, rack, castle, helmet, safety equipment and related equipment («bike»). The tenant takes care of the risk of injury: tenant takes care of all risks, including death or serious bodily harm caused by the operation of the bike, weather, height, accidents, etc. The tenant recognizes all the risks associated with operating a bicycle on the roads, roads, bike paths, bike paths and traffic, including the risk of serious injury or death from falling a bicycle, collision with other bicycles, motorcycles, motor vehicles or other objects, potholes or sudden loss of tire control by invisible objects that collide with tires or damage or damage, cycling problems and weather conditions.

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