Enterprise Agreement Dps

1. The services provided under coupons are provided as part of an agreement between the customer and the qualified Microsoft Learning partner. The customer`s prices are based on the agreement between the customer and the customer`s dealer. However, Microsoft makes available to the reseller the price criteria and the following points, which help the retailer to organize the price of end customers: if the customer volume licensing agreement refers to the terms of the product, the product list or the PUR to define managed qualified devices, the following conditions apply. The customer «manages» any device over which he directly or indirectly controls one or more operating system environments. For example, the customer manages each device: by downloading software from Adobe`s website, you accept the terms of our license agreement. Please read it before you download. The vouchers expire 180 days from the date of receipts, regardless of the course of the SA coverage. All benefits must be delivered before the voucher expires (good in return). Vouchers that expire before SA coverage expires return to the pool of available days planning services. The tables above show service days available on the basis of a full registration or a 3-year agreement. Customers who purchase SA coverage for one year receive one-third of the number of service days listed.

Customers who purchase SA coverage for two years receive two-thirds of the number of service days listed. The number of authorized telephone media incidents varies by customer depending on SA`s expenses and payment option. Sa-spend incidents are collected on the basis of server and desktop editions SA under a Select or Enterprise qualifying record, Select Plus registration, Open Value Agreement or open license number. Microsoft assigns an incident of at least $20,000 for each edition of Server SA or CAL SA. Microsoft assigns an incident of at least US$200,000 for each system pool or application pool. The table below shows the approximate monetary equivalents of SA expenditure-based premiums for agreements based on currencies other than the USD. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, this picture may change. The terms of SA`s renewal under the same programming agreement that originally commissioned it include the customer`s volume licensing agreements. Customers can renew their SA without having to order a license at the same time as long as its coverage has not expired.

In addition, the following conditions apply to certain programs as follows: Planning services may be made available to the customer by qualified Microsoft partners or Microsoft Consulting Services.

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