Intertek Certification Agreement

Intertek provides safety and performance certification services to nationally recognized standards for a wide range of electrical, gas and petroleum products. These products range from commercial/consumer appliances to wood products to C-devices. The articles listed in our online directories bear one of the brands eTL Verified, S, GS, ASTA, BEAB or Warnock Hersey Listed. After the customer information sheet, you will receive a certification contract in which you will only accept the terms of the ETL certification program. Of course, the costs associated with formal certification of the products are due. We are confident that you will find Intertek`s fees overall much easier and less expensive than other programs. You can find more information about fees on our page for certification fees. At this point, you need to think about how you want to mark your product, either when buying Intertek labels or when the brand itself is affixed. For more information on labels, see the cost of certification. This information on the lists is subject to the certification agreement between Intertek and its customer.

Intertek`s liability and liability are limited to the terms of the contract. Intertek assumes no responsibility to any party, with the exception of the Customer in accordance with the Agreement, for losses, costs or damage caused by the use of this information. The use of the Intertek name or its certification marks for the sale or advertising of the tested material, product or service must first be approved in writing by Intertek. Initial plant evaluations and monitoring services are used to ensure the appropriate use of the certification label in accordance with the agreement, they do not serve to control the quality of production and do not exempt the customer from its obligations in this regard. Congratulations. They`re halfway there. Let`s get to the inspections. Timeline This step can be completed in just 1-3 days.

We need to get some additional information about your product Download ETL Listed US Mark Download ETL Download C Mark Download ETL download CUS Mark download GS Mark Download S Mark.

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