Labour Mps Who Voted For Withdrawal Agreement

Below are complete lists, among which Members voted in favour of the bill, those who did not vote at all (although it is impossible for NB to know whether they deliberately abstained, were sick elsewhere in parliamentary affairs, etc.) and, of course, the full list of those who voted against it. MPs also voted by 353 votes to 243 in favour of the timing of the government`s proposed bill. To find out how your MP voted, use the search field below. The House of Commons voted by 358 votes to 234 in favour of a second reading of the EU withdrawal agreement, a majority of 124 votes (although the division lists show that there were actually 359 MPs voting in the Aye lobby, meaning that there was indeed a majority of 125). In her February 12 statement, the Prime Minister reaffirmed her goal of having a second «useful vote» on a withdrawal agreement. She indicated that if this were not the case on February 26, the government would make a new statement to Parliament on the government`s progress and would introduce a amended motion to that declaration, which is expected to be put to a vote on February 27. The House of Commons voted in favour of the withdrawal agreement by 329 votes to 299, which, after months of negotiations with Brussels and its backs, won a big victory for the Prime Minister. On 20 December 2019, just after the opening of Parliament after the 2019 British general election (in which the Conservative Party won a large majority of 80 seats), the government introduced a new bill to ratify its draft withdrawal agreement. She also moved another guillotine motion to limit debate on the bill. After voting on the third vote and the approval of the Cooper-Letwin Act at third reading by 313-312, May and her cabinet considered the possibility of bringing the withdrawal agreement back to Parliament for a fourth vote. [114] In mid-May, May said she would present the withdrawal agreement to Parliament in the first week of June. [115] Due to massive opposition to the new agreement, May postponed publication from 24 May to 4 June and subsequently resigned as Prime Minister. [116] Following the success of Letwin`s first amendment, indicative votes were held on 27 March on the Brexit options favoured by Parliament.

Eight proposals were voted on, eight of which failed. Here`s how your MP voted on Boris Johnson`s Internal Market Act, which tried to repeal the Brexit withdrawal agreement and international law.

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