Phone Number For Sears Protection Agreement

Has an online chat with a customer service employee and he told me that the repair company has repaired our dishwasher as «repaired and works well», if in fact it is inoperable – the door is not closed, it is not attached to the closet and the water turned off. I was waiting for two hours and I called benefits about a replacement and when a cs rep finally answered, I told him my story. She called the repair company and made me listen to her question. He omitted information and lied about what was going on, and I asked him about it – much to his surprise. During this conversation we were separated and the benefits representative didn`t even bother to call me back, even though she had my number and knew how long I was waiting online. NOW ABOUT OUR ADVANTIUM GE OVEN. It`s not just a cheap little microwave. This is a convection oven, microwave, broilers, fast cook, etc. built on the area and offers the light and ventilation fan for the series. We have high-end wood, well maintained for cabinets that are definitely affected by the lack of steam ventilation and we need light to see, cook! I understand that sears/Assail does not want to replace the Advantium, because it is a $1500 replacement by taxes and installation, but we paid our monthly amount for more than 12 years to have this protection, this reflection (we thought). We have had our protection plan with Sears for years. We pay X amount per month for the contract to repair or replace devices that are covered if they cannot repair them.

If they have to repair it three times a year, they replace it. We were satisfied with Techs and this service agreement until sears sold this service that we understand to Assurant, now it`s TERRIBLE!!!! Initial order of the refrigerator placed 8/3/2020, with the delivery estimate sept. 16. On the 15th after-sales service, they confirmed delivery for the 16th without refrigerator. The next day, called. He was informed that the fridge I ordered was no longer in production. He proposed an alternative model, agreed upon. The estimate of the delivery date was November 3, 2020. Called to confirm the 2, could not even get to the delivery warehouse. On the 4th day, they could not confirm, except that it was delivered on the 3rd to Delivery Warehouse. No e-mail or phone call. Please, we don`t want a new device.

We like the ones we have, but we need them to work and if we don`t, we will replace them in accordance with our agreement. Tired of subterfuge!!! P.S. We have documentation pages of all calls, names, dates, times, dates. 3. NOW we had to spend more than 2 months with no microwave/oven. I spent more than 6 hours on the phone in total, it was said 3 times that they had an emergency request looking for the part (computer card). 3 times said that «she» had 72 hours to find part, so otherwise «she» would have 24 hours to authorize the replacement… YES, I HAVE A CASE. If your device has a warranty or protection contract, call us at 1-800-469-4663, call us at 1-800-252-1698 or check I purchased a microwave from Sears Online in April 2020. According to the installer, the device was not available until August 2020. The first microwave was installed on August 11 and was not working until August 24.

I have an email that tells me I would have a replacement.

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