Shared Horse Ownership Agreement Template

Sharing the possession of a sports horse has advantages for the rider as a supporter. It can give a driver a financial or motivating incentive to provide services and it can reduce maintenance costs and the responsibility of the supporter. The law requires that a passport remain in the horse`s place. Therefore, the passport must be kept by the person who has the primary care of the horse, if not the owner. When a horse is loaned and moved to a new farm, the loan must have the original passport. Many homeowners feel uncomfortable doing so, but there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself that include: For any credit to work well, both parties must agree on their responsibilities and ensure that all contingencies are foreseen, especially what will happen if the credit ends unexpectedly. We strongly discourage a written agreement. Make sure the agreement is acceptable to both parties; Don`t agree with something if you don`t intend to put it into practice or if you don`t agree. A loan contract is an important way to reduce risk and protect the owner, the loan player and, of course, the horse.

This is a co-ownership contract for a sports horse in which one of the owners is a competitive rider and the other a financial support. This standard contract for horse representation serves only to guide and legal advice is needed to ensure that each contract is legally binding. This contract is set for the date of `20`. However, many informal agreements are due to differences of opinion on costs or responsibilities for care, access and use. If you need advice in the event of a breach of contract, this will be considered a civil matter and professional legal advice should be sought. Unfortunately, the BHS cannot contribute directly to the resolution of civil cases. This agreement defines ownership and responsibilities. It covers many points and is suitable for both high-value and low-value transactions.

As with any business agreement, an informal agreement can lead to many problems in the future. The objective of this horse-sharing agreement is to establish not only a property balance sheet, but also an agreed responsibility for management, care and competitions. In doing so, supporters will see that they are not just a source of funding. Be sure to consider all the factors before borrowing your horse, especially the horse`s ability, as well-being is of the utmost importance. Does your horse, for example, have a disease that requires specialized care, or is your horse older and going to a mate? Your horse will be out of your daily control, and there have been occasions when horses have been loaned to people considered trustworthy, but the horse unfortunately ends up in a neglected state. We always recommend asking for references for potential credit homes, looking at the loan at home, and then visiting your horse regularly to check their health and well-being.

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