Shi Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

1) EA Registration Transfer – Generally upon request, if a new agreement is negotiated or if there is a record consolidation, z.B. if an EA portal client is purchased by another. Registration transmissions are only automated if the partner indicates in the order system that a transfer must take place and provides the source and destination registration numbers for the agreements set on the date (e.g.B. Source December 31, 2016 and goal from January 1, 2017) You`re lucky for the EA change, as it`s just an update on the back-end. To complete this transition to a new EA, you need to open the Microsoft Support business. You can open a request directly on the Azure Support portal. Before billing or transferring identity to ensure that risks are detected in advance. 2) Account transfer from one EA record to another – Typically, when a single customer has multiple records that can be created for different business units and the account holder or work usage switches from one to the other. Uncommon when an account holder moves from one company to another. Microsoft needs these 4 data points to complete the move: here`s some information about EA`s account transfer and transfer. Both options can move accounts/subscriptions from one record to another.

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