Td Canada Trust Privacy Agreement

The language was in our agreements because we intended to collect information when our customers use TD websites and TD Mobile applications. We understand that the text may have been a source of concern. In 2014, we removed them from our online privacy agreement to This reference is also removed from print applications and agreements, as it takes some time to implement changes to print agreements. A new agreement means coordination between TD and the financial technology company on access to customer financial data Published and relayed on November 30, 2015, CBC Go Public published and forwarded a story about the formulations in TD`s credit card contracts that incorrectly implied that TD could monitor customers` browsing habits. Here are the facts that we have made available to the CBC on several occasions: the preferences and activities in our agreement refer to customer interactions; That is, prefer online or in-person banking. Finicity`s mission is to help individuals, families and organizations make smarter financial decisions through secure and secure access to fast, high-quality data. The company offers a proven and trustworthy open banking platform that gives consumers control over their financial data and changes the way we live money – budgeting, payment, investment and credit. Finicity works with influential financial institutions and disruptive fintech providers to take a step forward for consumers in a complex financial environment, improve financial skills, increase financial inclusion and ultimately deliver better financial results. Finicity is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. We can change this code from time to time.

We will publish the revised privacy code on our website. Different data protection preferences are available to you, subject to legal, commercial or contractual requirements. If you prefer, you can choose not to have us – in this agreement, the words «you» and «you» are a person or authorized representative of that person who asked or offered that person a guarantee for any service produced or account that we offered in Canada. The words «we,» «we» and «our» mean TD Bank Group («TD»). TD includes Toronto-Dominion Bank and its global subsidiaries that provide deposits, investments, loans, securities, trusts, insurance and other products or services. The word «information» means personal, financial and other information about you that you provide to us and that we receive from others outside of TD, including the products and services you use. If you are applying for a new product or service, we will let you know in the app or agreement how we want to use your data. We will tell them clearly what information we would help us to serve you, but are optional for you.

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