Usufructuary Agreement Sample Philippines

1. FRUITS PENDING AT THE BEGINNING OF USUFRUCTA. You are part of the usufruit. There is no need to reimburse the owner for the costs incurred. But without prejudice to the right of third party2. FRUITS PENDING AT THE TERMINATION OF USUFRUCTa. You belong to the owner. But the owner must reimburse the usufruit for ordinary growing costs and for seeds and similar expenses, from the fruit product. Nor should the rights of third parties be allocated to section 575. The usufruit of fruit trees and shrubs can use dead trunks and even those that are cut or uprooted by chance, under the obligation to replace them with new plants. (483 bis) 1.

If Usufructuary has not given security, or if it is released or where only a caucion has been juratoria, the collection and investment can only take place with the agreement of the court or the naked owner2. If usufructuary has given security, collection and investments can be made without the agreement of the court or the nussked owner. They are not necessary before the right to usufruit begins. They are only necessary before the physical property and the enjoyment of the property can be acquired, so that if the usufruit does not give, the usufruit does not begin, but the naked owner grants him the rights under section 586 In the previous cases, the usufruit at the beginning of the usufruit is not obliged to reimburse the owner for the costs incurred; However, the owner is required to reimburse, at the end of the usufruit, the proceeds of the growing fruit, the ordinary growing costs, the seeds and other similar expenses incurred by the usufruit. Article 612. At the end of the usufruit, the object is delivered in usufruit to the owner, without prejudice to the right of retention of the usufruit or his heirs for the extraordinary taxes and charges that should be repaid. Once the delivery is made, the guarantee or mortgage is cancelled. (522 bis) If the naked owner had requested the repair and the usufruit still does not, the owner can manufacture them at the expense of nudity 1. On the Niefructuarya side. Must return the property to the naked owner. For the preservation of property until it is reimbursed for capital taxes and essential extraordinary repairs and expenses 1.

Usufruct on the building and the earth, but the building is destroyed in one way or another before the end of the period of the usufruit. The usufruit on the building is finished, but the usufruit in the countryside continues. Therefore, usufruit is always allowed to use the land and use all the materials of the houseremainc. Therefore, even if the naked owner wants to rebuild, but the usufruit refuses, it is the usufruit that prevails for the use of the country, is still his for the rest of the period2. Usufruct on the building alonea. The usufruit of the building ends, but the usufruit can still use all the materials on the restb house. The usufruit is also entitled to the use of the Landc. But it is precisely because there was no usufruit in the countryside that the naked owner has a right of preference to its use 1. They are required by normal or normal use2. They are necessary for conservation3. They must have taken place during usufruit4. They must have been made with or without fault of the nie-armuche 1.

It can alienate the right to usufruit2. He may mortgage or mortgage the right to usufruit, but he cannot mortgage or mortgage it himself because he does not have this thing in art. 591. When usufruit is formed on a herd or herd, usufruit is required to replace animals that die each year from natural causes or are lost due to predator frenzy.

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