Vip Buyer Agreement

Start asking for new buyers and pamper yourself with this VIP treatment: Craig explains the many risk-free benefits he offers consumers, making it a «no brainer» for shoppers to work with him. Find out how he set up an extremely loyal buyer`s business with exclusive performance guarantees that set him apart from his competition. «Imagine the excitement of my buyer agent to learn that we can really pay more to work with buyers with this system — simply!» — Sam Wilson, Lakewood, CO Here`s big difference — unlike most agents, Craig Proctor wouldn`t meet a buyer or show houses unless they finished with him in an exclusive buyers agency. Craig Proctor positioned itself as a trusted Advisor with its VIP buyer system and thousands of buyers climbed each year with Craig and his team as they offered all the benefits and risk-free consumption programs. Markarian Real Estate Services offers this unique guarantee of buyer satisfaction, so you, the home buyer, have control of the purchase process. We want you to know that we have our own interest in helping you have the best home possible — a home you`ve loved and enjoyed for years. If you are not satisfied with your new home within 18 months of the end, we will resell it for free. We have this guarantee in writing so you understand how committed we are to our customers! In this 2 DVD, 2 CDs and work files program, Craig Proctor reveals his secrets to working successfully with buyers, establishing loyalty with them and laughing up the bank. «For the first nine years of my career, I did my business like any other agent and opened doors and called people.

But the reality is that we are now in the information age, where buyers are on the Internet from two weeks to three weeks before even talking to a real estate agent. That`s why Craig`s system is amazing, because you`re not a used car salesman and you don`t go out and you do it like that. What you do is provide them with some valuable reports and information that they can read to learn more about the real estate industry before being called. And because of the content of the information provided by you and the actual details behind the search reports, these people feel compelled to call you. Plus, there`s no other system out there that offers performance guarantees, like the Craig Proctor system, which also encourages buyers to work with you and want to call you. » – Julie Hummel, Merrifield, VA Craig Proctor guides you step by step through his powerful presentation of VIP buyers, which allowed him and his team members to sign 9 out of 10 buyers with whom they met an agency of exclusive buyers. For real estate agents who are tired of wasting their time with unqualified and dishonest buyers. With Craig`s approach, everyone wins! You will discover how to make buyers happy most jobs will allow you to serve dozens of buyers at the same time. With Craig Proctor`s VIP buyer system, you`ll definitely earn more money and work less. Craig Proctor shows you how you sign 90% of the buyers you meet on an exclusive buyer agency contract, so you will be compensated for your efforts. Discover a better, MORE RENTABLE and predictable mode of collaboration with buyers. Give your customers a 5-star treatment with the VIP Buyer Program – or, for sellers, the pre-ranking program.

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